Knowing The Lamictal Side Effects

Lamictal (Lamotrigine) use for treatment of epilepsy, bipolar disorder or manic depression,  bipolar depression, It also use for treatment of depersonalization disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar II disorders,  borderline personality disorder, and as adjunctive therapy for treatment of refractory unipolar depression.

The same as other medicine it is very possible that lamictal acquires side effects, but not all that who takes this medicine will encounter side effects. The truth with this is that, mostly of the people endure quite well. Once the side effects do experience, in most of the situation, they are minor and wither needs no treatment or are easily cured even by yourself and your doctors.

Lamictal has undergone diverse studies. On these studies, the side effects that happen in a group of individuals who takes the drug are documented and are match up to side effects that happens in another group of individuals does not take the medicine. Through this means, it is very probable to view what side effects takes place, how frequently they comes out, and how they are match up to  a group of people dos not take the medicine.  Base from the studies, listed below are the most usual lamictal side effects that occur;

  • Double vision – experience by 49 percent of people
  • Dizziness – occurs to 54 percent of people
  • Problems in coordination – encounter by 28 percent of people
  • Headaches – happens to 29 percent of people
  • Nausea – experience by 25 percent of people
  • Blurred vision – occur to 25 percent of people
  • Vomiting – encounter by 20 percent of people

The other usual lamictal side effects that happen to 5 up to 20 percent of people are irritated or runny nose, cough, drowsiness, abdominal pain, sore throat, shakiness, back pain, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, indigestion, bronchitis, flu, diarrhea, dry mouth, painful menstrual cramps, fever, chest pain, weight loss and constipation.

There are also side effects that occur not that often but are considered serious and needs to be reported to the doctors immediately. The lamictal side effects that need to be monitored are worsening of the seizure, any uncommon bleeding or bruising, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, symptoms of aseptic meningitis like fever and chills, stiff neck, headaches, lamictal rash, confusion or drowsiness, sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting. Furthermore, lamictal side effects that is unusual but serious are signs of liver damage like the yellow skin and eyes, serious muscle pain, often infection, signs of hazardous allergic reaction similar to side-effects on sildenafil citrate or Viagra erectile dysfunction drug, which includes fever, hives or whatever rash, painful sores in or around the eyes and mouth and swelling of the tongue, and lips.

Lamictal can as well as cause very severe skin rashes and allergic reactions. These rashes are able to cause huge pat of the skin to die and is able to cause disfigurement or even loss of life.

There are as well as less common lamictal side effects that might occur. These side effects are encountered by less then 5 percent of people that takes the medicine. Due to these side effects are not that frequent, it can be hard to identify whether they are definitely caused by lamictal or by other factors that are not connected to the medication. The less usual side effects are problems in speech, vaginal irritation and infection, problems in focusing, bladder infection, loss of appetite, sinus infection, joint pain, sensitivity to the sun, neck pain, loss of memory, nervousness, bloody nose, sweating, a spinning sensation, weight gain, dry skin, migraine headaches and increased sex drive.

Hence, these are the side effects that are incorporated in taking lamictal. Just to avoid experiencing any severe problem, you better consult your doctor once there are side effects that occur.